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Tampa nursing home neglect lawyerIf you suspect that your loved one is being abused or neglected, a Tampa nursing home abuse lawyer can help. They can explain that there are several different types of abuse and neglect. Here are just a few of these possibilities.

Medical Errors

In an attempt to maximize their profits and minimize their employment wages, many nursing homes do not hire enough staff members. Additionally, they may hire staff members who do not have a solid education or proper training because they are cheaper. In some instances, your Tampa nursing home abuse lawyer can explain that this situation is even worse when these untrained individuals are delegated the task of doling out medication. If you believe that your loved one was injured through a preventable medical error, your Tampa nursing home abuse lawyer may begin the discovery process by determining who was the person responsible for administering medication and his or her qualifications.

Inaccurate Records

Related to medical errors, inaccurate or incomplete records may lead to preventable mistakes. If a staff member fails to mention when medication was last dispensed or a patient’s known allergy to a particular medication, this mistake can lead to serious injury or even death. Your Tampa nursing home abuse attorney can review the medical records that are involved in the case to help pinpoint any inaccuracies.

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