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Pinellas County Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Patient in hospital bedUnfortunately, a Pinellas County nursing home abuse attorney is all too familiar with the various reasons why nursing home abuse occurs. For most people, the thought of abusing the vulnerable is unfathomable. However, a Pinellas County nursing home abuse attorney how common this problem continues to be and the reasons that lead to it.

Intentional Conduct

Some “caregivers” pursue this line of work so that they will be surrounded by vulnerable people who often lack the ability to tell loved ones what is going on. This is particularly true for caregivers who intend to financially abuse the elderly. However, A Pinellas County nursing home abuse attorney can explain that this situation is in the minority. More often, nursing home neglect is an unintentional act.


A Pinellas County nursing home abuse attorney can explain that most nursing homes are run as for-profit businesses. As such, administration may under-staff the homes in order to increase their profits. Additionally, staffing such homes may be difficult due to low wages and hard working conditions. In some cases, nursing home workers may take out their frustrations unwittingly on the residents.

Lack of Qualifications

In some cases, the nursing home worker may be under-qualified for the job. He or she may not know how to properly handle certain situations due to lack of proper education or training. In the rare instance in which a nursing home patient is attempting to provoke the worker, it is important that he or she knows how to handle the situation.

Frustration with Medical Conditions

Nursing home workers may lack the understanding to properly sympathize with nursing home patients. Some workers may believe that patients are intentionally making their jobs harder when they are simply suffering from a medical condition.

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