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woman with cane  Nursing Home Attorney St. Petersburg FLYour nursing home attorney St. Petersburg FL can assist you with taking the right steps to select the proper nursing home.

A Nursing Home Attorney St. Petersburg FL Can Help When Comparing Facilities

When you have come to the decision that a nursing home is needed, the obvious first question will be, “Which nursing home will give me the care I am looking for and is at a price I can afford?” A nursing home attorney St. Petersburg FL can help with the research. There are many regulations Congress requires a nursing home to meet – more than 150 – prior to being certified under Medicare or Medicaid. The regulations can vary from food storage to how abuse is prevented. You should go and take a tour before coming to a decision. When you first plan to visit a nursing home, make an appointment. You should also think about paying an unannounced visit. The majority of well-regarded nursing homes will not have a problem with you visiting them unannounced. It is at an unannounced visit when you should look for worrisome signs.

Your Nursing Home Attorney St. Petersburg FL Will Advise You on Questions You Should Ask

When you visit, there is nothing wrong with asking questions. The administrators of the facility should want you to be comfortable with the decision you make. Bear in mind special conditions your loved one has that will require extra care. Also make sure to have the fees and policies of the home in writing.

Ask the Following Basic Questions


  1. How many employees do you have?
  2. What is their training and qualifications?
  3. Do you have regular staff members caring for the residents on a daily basis?
  4. Do they speak the same language and is an interpreter available if needed?


  1. Does the nursing home have a state license?
  2. Is the facility certified by Medicare and Medicaid?
  3. Were there any problems in the last inspection?
  4. Did the facility pass the fire inspections?
  5. Will the doors be locked at a certain time every night?
  6. Will the personal belongings of the residents be safe?
  7. Will the residents be required to get various vaccinations such as the flu shot?

Quality of Life Issues

  1. Does the nursing home offer activities for the residents and will there be religious observances?
  2. Do the residents decide when they go to bed, bathe, and eat their meals?
  3. Are visitors allowed at any time or only during designated periods? Are the residents allowed to see their own doctors?
  4. Can the residents leave the facility when they choose to?
  5. Will transportation be provided?
  6. Are there certain policies that the residents must follow?


  1. How much will it cost to be a resident in the nursing home?
  2. Are there certain basic services that go with the initial fee?
  3. Will there be extra costs?
  4. Are there currently beds available or is there a waiting list?

Call an Experienced Nursing Home Attorney St. Petersburg FL

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