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law book and gavel Florida Nursing Home Lawyer Clients sometimes ask our Florida nursing home lawyer how we determine damages in a nursing home case. While the courts will review each situation on an individual basis, a key consideration is advanced plaintiff age. The defense might allege that the plaintiff suffered from prior injuries or health issues and already faced a short life expectancy. An additional challenge is that the case generally does not include lost earnings or significant medical expenses unless the plaintiff sustains a broken bone or serious injury.

Quality of Care

The main point of the case is to emphasize the importance of professional care even if your loved one did not stay at the nursing home for long. If your loved one had a brief life expectancy, those days should be lived as comfortably as possible without humility or suffering. Our loved ones and the elderly should be afforded the consideration of dignity during their last days. Our Florida nursing home lawyer will find ways to show the worth of each day for your family member. In some cases, you will have witnesses, including other staff members, family members, other patients or friends, who will help support your version of events. If there are no witnesses, your case might be difficult to prove. However, our Florida nursing home lawyer might have suggestions on how to mount a solid defense.

Enjoying Life’s Small Pleasures

A nursing home resident values the smallest enjoyments that others take for granted. Little events, such as sleeping in comfort, conversations with friends, exercise, enjoying the outdoors, petting their animal and even eating a special meal might be the focus of your family member. They will no longer attend sporting events, go out of town on a spontaneous weekend or eat a leisurely meal at an upscale restaurant. Your lawyer will work to show the importance of life’s small pleasures to your family member and will seek appropriate compensation.

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