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nursing home neglect lawyersClients sometimes question our nursing home neglect lawyers about using state records as evidence in an abuse case. These records might include:

  • Documents from the State Board of Nursing Examiners, which can show possible disciplinary actions against a person that could be relevant to your claim.
  • Similar documents from the State Board of Medical Examiners and
  • Documents from the state agency that oversees nursing homes.

Our lawyer will want to search for records that relate to the defendant(s) in your case, including previous investigations, possible fines, prior visits to the nursing home by state authorities, correspondence involving parties in the case and even financial information. Our nursing home attorney can provide you with additional information about searching for other relevant records.

Additional Resources

You could find additional information by looking at other resources that might have a bearing on your nursing home abuse case, such as:

  • Related entities, such as a corporate website that oversees the facility
  • The Secretary of State and related records
  • The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations
  • Other professional organizations, including the American Medical Association
  • Depo Connect, an organization that keeps deposition records and
  • Other nursing home neglect lawyers familiar with case litigation.


Witnesses Who Might Lend Support to Your Case

After you have collected all of the relevant documents, you now need to ready your case for trial. You will want to seek depositions from important figures in your case, such as the following:

  • People in the business office
  • People in the medical records department
  • Employees who happened to observe an incident, such as maintenance personnel
  • Dietary staff employees
  • Nursing staff employees
  • The head doctor on site or a treating physician
  • A social worker or other staff member assigned to the case or
  • A therapist of any type.

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