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elderly woman Tampa Nursing Home Negligence AttorneyNursing home abuse can take many different forms as our Tampa nursing home negligence attorney can tell you. If you suspect that a friend or loved one in a nursing home is experiencing some form of nursing home abuse, a nursing home abuse attorney may be able to help.

Medical Negligence

Some nursing homes unfortunately employ staff who are not adequately trained or educated due to financial restrictions. If these employees are tasked with feeding and changing residents or keeping them hydrated and comfortable throughout the night, the level of care may be substandard. Even worse, underqualified staff members can sometimes be tasked with dispensing medication to residents, where errors can be fatal. If medical errors are apparent, it may be important to determine the name and qualifications of the employee in charge of medication and their supervisors.

Inaccurate Records

Like all medical facilities, nursing homes are required to keep and maintain adequate medical records for their patients. However some nursing homes are negligent or lax in this, and records may contain errors and mistakes. In a case involving inaccurate records, your Tampa nursing home negligence attorney will need to look through all relevant records to see if something is inaccurate.

Pressure Sores

An extremely common medical condition facing anyone who is bedridden for extended periods of time is “pressure sores,” also known as decubitus ulcers. They occur to parts of the body that experience unrelieved pressure and can result in severe damage. Bedridden patients should be repositioned at least every two hours to prevent pressure sores from developing and to keep blood circulating through all parts of the body, but some homes are negligent in ensuring this. If a patient is exhibiting signs of pressure sores, it may be important for your attorney to examine the care practices of the home.

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