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Nursing homes are critical for the well-being of older adults as they enter their golden years. Unfortunately, there are many cases where nursing home residents undergo elder abuse. Such abuse may come from caregivers, fellow residents, and even friends/family. It is the duty of every nursing home to provide a safe environment for its residents. Therefore, any nursing home located in St. Petersburg that neglects the well-being of its residents is liable for neglect, personal injury, and elder abuse.

Many older adults (and their families) think that abuse occurs only when a resident is physically attacked. While such attacks are of serious concern, abuse can also occur mentally, sexually, and financially. If you or a loved one has undergone abuse at a nursing home, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer. Nursing home lawyers can help you identify, investigate, and litigate cases of nursing home abuse. 

What constitutes nursing home abuse?

Nursing home neglect abuse refers to any negligence that may affect the well-being of nursing home residents. Older adults in nursing homes are vulnerable because they may have physical/mental conditions that limit their independence. As a result, employees or fellow residents may take advantage of these limitations to abuse a resident in many different ways.

Nursing homes are required to care for the elderly by ensuring enough caregivers are on-site, providing adequate training to caretaker staff, and reporting any accidents or errors in a timely fashion. If any of these conditions aren’t met, you may have grounds to file a nursing home abuse claim.   

There are many cases where victims of abuse don’t seek help because they’re not aware of their options. Some may not even realize that they’re undergoing abuse, and others may be reluctant to report because of fear of repercussion. In particular, residents may not realize or report cases of financial, mental, and emotional abuse at a nursing home.

It is, therefore, critical for seniors and their families to be aware of all forms of nursing home abuse and how they can prevent it.  


How a Nursing Home neglect and abuse lawyer can help

If you’ve undergone abuse while in a nursing home in St. Petersburg Florida, you should seek the expertise of an attorney. Nursing home neglect and abuse lawyers have experience in gathering evidence, reviewing current laws, and even negotiating settlements with nursing homes. You may be eligible for damages if you’ve suffered abuse in a nursing home. For example, you can be compensated for medical expenses, disability, and/or pain & suffering due to negligence in elder care facilities.

A nursing home lawyer in St. Petersburg can specifically help in the following ways:

Help establish if a case is grounds for nursing home abuse

A Nursing Home Abuse attorney can review your complaints, experiences, and injuries to determine whether they meet the threshold for abuse. They will also review your nursing home contract and help determine that the nursing home failed to uphold its responsibilities towards you as a resident.

Collect evidence that can support a claim of nursing home abuse

Having detailed records of nursing home negligence will strengthen your case. A nursing home abuse lawyer can help with gathering medical records, video/photo evidence, and statements from witnesses.

Negotiating a settlement

Because litigation is often costly on the part of nursing homes and claimants, a settlement may be proposed. Lawyers are critical in negotiating such settlements and ensuring that you receive adequate compensation for harm caused by staff members in your specific lawsuit.

Pursuing litigation

If litigation is necessary, a nursing home abuse lawyer in St. Petersburg can help you present your case in court and have your abuse case fairly resolved.