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A St. Petersburg Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Discusses Poor Hygiene

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Recovering damages from a poor hygiene legal claim in northern Florida will usually require a St. Petersburg nursing home abuse attorney who can prove the conditions actually exist and were a contributor or the causation of a particular injury, a group of injuries, or a severe illness. Nursing establishments are often home to a variety of individuals who have contacted or developed diseases from others in the facility. Many elderly people have compromised immune systems and even a minimal contact can develop into a severe problem, such as pneumonia. One of the most common causes of death in a nursing actually is pneumonia, and often the conditions of the nursing home create an excellent condition for the disease to manifest throughout the treatment center.

Contact with the Staff

One of the most prominent ways that poor hygiene can infect others living in the facility is contact with the nursing home staff. Attendance policies at understaffed homes can mean that nurses aids will go to work with various colds or infections in order to maintain employment. In addition, understaffed nursing homes are usually the operations that suffer with the highest levels of poor hygiene, and often the highest level of hospitalization of patients. In serious cases, infection can lead to wrongful death. Under staffing means that the facility housekeeping plan may also be substandard, which is very common with poor hygiene facilities. A St. Petersburg nursing home abuse attorney understands where to look for problems and how to craft a medical malpractice case for poor hygiene when conditions at a facility have caused injury to residents, which often affects multiple individuals.

Special Attention to the Elderly

While everyone living or working in a nursing home is not necessarily elderly, the aged are in a protected class of resident that will have special needs in many situations. Senior citizens often have deteriorating bodies and weakened immune systems that are associated directly with their age, and proper handling of these patients is crucial to proper and reasonable duty of care from the staff and management. This duty of care applies to maintaining a clean environment, as well as proper consideration for potential disabilities and other medical problems. Families of these senior citizens in Florida may need an experienced and effective St. Petersburg nursing home abuse attorney who can investigate the situation and evaluate the potential value of a poor hygiene elderly abuse legal claim.

Poor Hygiene and Neglect

While poor hygiene is not always a direct causation of a particular injury to a nursing home patient, the general unsanitary conditions in the facility can indicate a clear neglect toward all nursing home residents. Poor nursing home hygiene can often be a major contributor to wrongful death from a variety of viral diseases, as well as fatal physical staph infections. All states inspect nursing homes on a regular basis and evaluate the hygiene standards compliance. Poor evaluations can always be a documented component of a neglect lawsuit against the nursing home, as well as providing valid material case evidence testimony from a state agency. Poor hygiene in a medical facility or nursing institution is clearly a general indication of patient neglect.

Contact a St. Petersburg Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Anyone who has family or friends who may be suffering from a particular medical issue or in jeopardy of worsening health as a result of nursing home negligence due to poor hygiene in the state of Florida should contact Giroux & Associates Inc. at (727) 895-5399 for a complete evaluation of your potential poor hygiene claim. Giroux & Associates Inc has leading St. Petersburg nursing home abuse attorneys who focus their professional legal practice exclusively on nursing home abuse and neglect cases.