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Clearwater Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers and Bedsore Claims

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Clearwater nursing home abuse lawyers may be able to help you receive compensation for a loved one who has developed bedsores as a result of inadequate nursing care. Bedsores may develop or worsen due to negligent care on behalf of the nursing home. Florida state law and federal law both mandate that nursing homes provide a safe environment and ensure the well being of their residents. When these standards are not met, nursing homes may be liable for damages.

Bedsore Causes

Bedsores are sometimes called pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers, and they are preventable with proper care. Bedsores can form when nursing home residents spend too long in one position. To prevent these lesions, patients should not stay sedentary for an extended period of time. Simply moving and shifting positions every few hours can prevent the formation of bedsores.

Bedsore Lawsuits in Florida

If your loved one develops pressure ulcers as a result of a nursing home’s negligence, he or she may be able to make a claim. You can strengthen the claim of negligence by presenting dated pictures of each lesion, requesting documentation of staff reports, requesting an explanation of the care procedures in place for your loved one, and obtaining copies of any former allegations or citations filed against the nursing home.

Bedsore Stages

Bedsores are characterized by four major stages of development. During the first stage, the sores have not progressed to open sounds. They may be painful and the skin may lose color when pressure is applied to it. The area may be warm to the touch and feel harder or softer than the surrounding skin. In the second stage, the skin can break open and form a painful ulcer that looks like a scrape or crater. It is possible for skin to die at this point. During stage three, the sore worsens in condition and extends into the soft tissue beneath. At this stage, a small crater will form. The fourth and final stage of bedsore development is characterized by a deep crater that may reach muscle and bone.

Risk Factors

Approximately 25 percent of nursing home residents experience bedsores at some point in their nursing care. Nursing home staff should take great caution when it comes to dealing with high-risk patients and preventing the formation of bedsores. Employees should be especially careful with residents over the age of 75 and those who cannot feed or reposition themselves. Underweight residents are also at risk for bedsores, as are those with dry skin or incontinence.

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