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The nursing home staff advised me that my dad’s bedsore was “unavoidable” because of his peripheral vascular disease (PVD). What does that mean?

When a resident has PVD, it usually means there is a decreased blood supply, often to the legs and feet. Whenever a resident has PVD or is a diabetic, the nursing home usually takes the position that any bedsore that develops was “unavoidable” due to the resident’s poor circulation (and therefore not the staff’s fault). But not every resident who has diabetes or PVD will develop a bedsore. A diabetic resident gets a bedsore for the same reason any other resident does—poor care provided by the nursing home staff. If proper care is provided and preventative measures are taken, even a diabetic resident can avoid developing a bedsore. If, in fact, diabetic residents and residents with PVD are at greater risk for developing bedsores, then the staff should be even more vigilant in providing proper care to such residents to prevent the development of bedsores.

I tried to take a picture of my mother’s bedsore and the nursing home staff told me photography was not allowed. Is this true?

tampa nursing home negligence attorney
No! Do you think the nursing home staff would have stopped you from taking pictures if you were celebrating your mother’s
birthday? Of course not. The staff doesn’t want any pictures taken of bedsores because they know full well that the pictures are evidence of their own negligence. So take as many pictures as you like—the more the better!

My mom fell at her nursing home and the staff advised me that there were no “obvious” injuries from the fall, but I suspect she was injured. The staff is refusing to call 911 so she can be evaluated at the hospital. Am I allowed to call 911?

Absolutely. It would be no different than if your mom fell at a restaurant and possibly fractured her hip—you would not hesitate to call 911, nor should you hesitate just because she’s in a nursing home. In fact, if you are your mother’s healthcare surrogate or power of attorney, it is your duty to call 911 if you suspect an injury. After all, you know your mother better than the staff does. And even if your mother turns out to be fine after being evaluated at the hospital, that’s great— better to be safe than sorry.

I have hired attorneys before and did not hear from them for months at a time. Will I be kept informed of the status of my case as it progresses?

Absolutely. Each client is kept informed of the status of his or her case as it progresses via correspondence, emails and phone calls. We will also send you copies of letters, pleadings, discovery and other documents that we prepare for your case, as well as copies of relevant documents that we receive from opposing counsel.

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